In my project there is a need to take screenshot and save it to word file automatically.

Existing System:

  • Open the website where log in exists for different resources.
  • Login for every resource and take a screen shot of their page and paste it to word file. Save the word file and attach it to the email and send it through outlook.

Now i want to make the above steps automated using .NET.

Any help would be appreciated..

I dont think it will help me. Change in URL will occur for every screen shot.


I found a code for taking screenhot. Here is the below.

But, I want to know whether which namespace I should use for websitescreenshot? coz websitescreenshot does not appears in drop down after new.

Dim _Obj As New WebsitesScreenshot.WebsitesScreenshot
Dim _Result As WebsitesScreenshot.WebsitesScreenshot.Result
With _Obj
	_Result = .CaptureWebpage("http://www.google.com")
	If _Result = WebsitesScreenshot.WebsitesScreenshot. _
				Result.Captured Then
		.ImageFormat = WebsitesScreenshot. _
	End If
End With


If ur problem is solved then please mark the thread as solved... :)

If ur problem is solved then please mark the thread as solved... :)

The link really helped me but this tool saves the image format, But i need the group of screenshots in word file.

Can I question why you want to take a screen shot. Presumably the data on the screen is derived from information stored on the webserver, why not just build a report of that data and email that.

No its a requirement to reduce the manual process of taking screenshot and saving it to word file mailing the same. I just want to automate this using .NET.