Hello everyone,

I am studying XML, XPath, XQuery, XSLT on my own and I want to sharpen my skills working on opensource projects. I am searching on Apache and other websites but the projects are too huge and in much advanced stage to start working on.

I want to get your opinions regarding this:
Can you recommend any projects which i can contribute in.
Is working on an opensource project to build expertise a right direction.

thanks for your replies.

Hey tungsten,

I am part of an emerging multi-cultural open XML/XPath/XQuery community at xquery.me.

We do some fancy fully open source libraries in xquery (e.g. we have a library for interfacing with Amazon web services in 100% XQuery code -> see https://github.com/dknochen/xaws ).

If you want to contribute a library I could provide a simple idea, plus some help. A simple library implementation is not hard to do and brings a lot of fun. And of course, you will get the full credit & fame for it :).

what do you think? Just drop me a PM if you are interested...

best wishes,


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