I have developed the Server client application(TCP) which works fine.
I need to start the server and the client do request and get the desired ouput.
I want the server application to run on client machine some what like windows service(when the system boots the services starts).
Can anyone suggest for the same.

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Are you saying you want it to be a Windows service?

Thanks for Giving your time.
Yes i want to do the same.

Why would you want a client and server to run on the same machine (other than for development purposes, of course)?

Actually on client will send sql query, Key for DEcrption of password the file location to server will process the request and send status and client get desired output.
For this eveytime i need to run server application.
For this reason eveytime when user want to use this application their shpuld not be dependency on IT Team.
Thatwhy i need to do the same.

If this is the way the program will always be run, why not just write the 'client' to do all this stuff instead? If you want this to run remotely as well as locally, then yeah you will need a server/client architecture.

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