hi all
i am trying to make a pause in a 2d game on C++ im going to use a message box with answers yes and no..yes to continue and no for main menue. how do i make unsighned short w = the answer to textbox? ps i tried using a simple if statment (if IDNO) and (if IDYES) after the text box but it thought yes & no were valid every time nomater which on i pressed.

unsigned short w = 1;

MessageBox (NULL, "do you want to contunue?",  "paused", MB_YESNO);

	case IDNO:
		selection = 0;
		GameOn = false;
		menue_screen = true;
	  case IDYES:

thanks gfp91

...dosent matter.......turns out im an idiot that solves his own silly problems XD

w = MessageBox (NULL, "do you want to contunue?",  "paused", MB_YESNO);


Well, you probably never would have solved this unless you asked. So it does matter.

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