Holla, i use Visual Studio 2010 and as all we know, visual studio dont give any help with C/C++ win32 appis syntax like C#/VB were you type 3-4 words and then a list pop up.

Today i downloaded Code::Block, i suprized because it had this feauture with auto-show list with possible choices.

For who dont understand, i mean: when you type "Menu" example a list open and have all functions you can use "Context Menu" "ToolstripMenu" "ToolstripMenuItem" ... etc

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Do you have a question you want answered? I don't see one.

"he is noob"? Really?

From what you posted, I can see at least three possible questions you might have about autocomplete for C/C++ in VS2010, but it's not clear what you're asking. I could take a guess, but odds are I'll pick the wrong one, and we'll waste your time and mine posting back and forth about it. Instead, how about you take a minute to formulate an actual question--that way, someone reading it can attempt an answer with confidence that nobody's time is being wasted. That is the kind of post that gets responses.

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