Hi, do you know why my output does not working properly..
Actually my output should looping,but it straightly ending the program..


int main ()
 int choice = 0 ;

    while ((choice>=1)&&(choice<=5))

        printf ("\nPlease Choose No 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5\n");
        printf ("Enter your choice");
        scanf ("%d", &choice);
    switch (choice)
        case 1 :
        printf ("RM32");
        break ;

        case 2 :
        printf ("RM23");

        case 3 :
        printf ("RM43");
        break ;

        case 4 :
        printf ("RM44");

        default :
        printf ("Program will exit now..");

    getch ();
    return 0 ;

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I am unable to actually understand the desired output that you wish to receive from the above program. I would just like to point it out to you that your while loop doesn't enclose the switch statement as well.

Thereby your code would just take input and print nothing . Until you enter a choice value above 5 or below 1. Which will execute the default: label and exit the program.


Initially choice = 0, and in the first iteration itself while condition is false. Now here you can use a do while. Also put the switch case inside the while loop as pointed by Sky Diploma

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One more thing, in the default case put an exit() statement so that the user cannot enter more choices. Usually , what you are supposed to do is something like this:
Add 1 more case as follows and use default if a user enters a wrong value

case 5 :
printf ("Exitting");
default :
printf ("Invalid choice : Enter a valid choice");

Now your program becomes a little more interactive than before. :)

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