Hi everyone.

I am currently working on a small project, where I have to interface an ERP (OpenERP) with another system (SugarCRM). For that, I am going to make use of the middle-ware Mule ESB, and to retrieve the ERP data, I will make use of a Java EE 6 JMS queue which will hold all newly added data.

My question is how do I make the JMS queue stand-alone since each time I want to run the queue I will need to start/run the application using netbeans ide 7.1. I want to make the whole system automatic, with no user intervention throughout the whole integration/interfacing process.

Grateful to you all for your help.

As such, I would like to make the JMS producer run automatically, stand-alone mode on the Glassfish server.

Any idea how to do it, please ?

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