Hello I believe that VS 97 is a very good tool for programmers and i m looking over it 2years now.I had a copy but unfortunately the cd after some years is unreadable and i cant work.Guys. I need this tool and i can not find it on internet.If any1 of you got a copy or know any link please let me know . i let you here my email.i don t care if the search machines can find me.My email is <snipped email>

Hello Ancient Dragon, thanks for your quick reply.I have VC++ 2008.But it uses and needs NET Framework, and i m making programs compatible with all windows with no need of programs such as NET Framework.I m new, i havent read the FAQs yet but i ll sure do tomorrow.its late in my country (2:00 AM).I was programming for 7 years in VS97 and it was very good.I have VS 6.0 too.I know these Studios very well and i want to get back to work in VS97 with an old Tetris program i was making back in 2006.I also want the VS97 because i m programming in VB5 too.I have found VB5CCE but i want the whole studio for work :(.Anyway if any1 knows any link or knows anything about VS97 pm me

Forget about VS97 and upgrade your skills before you become obsolete in the programming market. AFAIK c++ programs written with VC++ 2008 to not require the .NET framework -- its the CLR programs that require it. If you stick with ISO standard C++ and win32 api then your programs should work on older windows platforms.

One more reason to upgrade your skills is that the C++ language as evolved beyond what it was 10 to 20 years ago, and the Microsoft compiler supports the c++ standards a lot better than it did in the VC++ 6.0 and earlier versions.

As for VC97 -- it may not even run on current/future version of Windows. I have VC++ 6.0 too and it has problems running on Vista.

But it uses and needs NET Framework, and i m making programs compatible with all windows with no need of programs such as NET Framework

No it doesnt. As AD says, it can make both .NET CLR apps and plain old Win32 apps.

Ive got VC97, i doesnt run too well on vista at all (runs nearly fine on xp - perfectly on nt/98) but its very old and not very standards compliant. Also , the fact it uses absolutely ancient versions of MFC and whatnot probably means it may not work on future operating systems.

Frankly, too, there are better IDEs out there (VS express, the only absolutely shit thing about that is it has no resource editor and minimal MFC support)

And it takes tweaking to get it working on a patched-up version of XP by the way, for me it seemed hell-bent on trying to install IE3 (because it thaught i was running windows NT4 for some reason), which of course failed

Thank you for your advice , i ll probably switch to VC++ 2008.It will take me some time to learn it though, but i ll try. Thanks again.

If you know VC6 then you won't have any problems learning VC++ 2008.