i have downloaded pdcurses and installed it.

and , right now i am studying a ncurses tutorial , http://tldp.org/HOWTO/NCURSES-Programming-HOWTO/intro.html

there are some sample examples also. but, when i try to compile "form"
code examples , i see that there are no <form.h> header file in the pdcurses installation.

has, anyone used pdcurses? where can i get the form.h header file for pdcurses?

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Why are you using pdcurses software to work through an ncurses tutorial? By definition there will be differences.

Is there a reason you are not just using ncurses?

there are no pdcurses tutorial , and ncurses are for linux/unix type env afaik. pdcurses is for windows and i have winxp os. that's why

In that case you are going to have to only use parts of the tutorial that relate to the codebase you have. Seems that the forms portion is not one of those parts.

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