Hi there,

I am very much interested in learning vb.net or programming. Can someone help me how I can go about and learn basic?


Read books. Write code.

You learn to draw by drawing. You learn guitar by playing. Programming is the same. Wrox Press has several good books on VB programming. Also, Sybex. Check their websites. Books that claim that you can "Learn Visual Basic in 24 Hours" or even a week are lies. Programming is not something you get good at in just a few days. To think so is insulting to those of use who spent years honing our skills (and continue to do so over even after decades of practice). That doesn't mean you can't learn to write useful apps in the short term and it doesn't mean you can't have fun doing it. Just don't expect miracles overnight.

And if you get stuck, that's what we're here for.

Yea like Reverend Jim said try books learn it write it change it :D or online your choice
Try books like for dummy's they've got everything and its mostly step by step if you can afford it :( and think of stuff that are already made but just to see how it works
and maybe generate your own ideas and follow up on that it may not be great but its a Step to the Future :) ideas new or old gives experience no matter what people say :)
Remember that...

Sorry. I posted the wrong link. I found a site that had a 25 part free online video course but that apparently wasn't it. I'll try to find and post it (and hope I don't get dinged for posting to a closed thread).

Dude its more information and plus there are others doing it as well so if they delete our posts then they being unfair

More Info for the user the better that's the way i see it :)

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