seeking someone in the membership familiar with XBRL [Extensible Business Reporting Language]. It is based on XML as confirmed at: Hoping to correspond with someeone about the basic tasks using this platform. Guidance sought

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Are you looking for someone helping you with some specific task? Or, are you trying to learn XBRL?

Much thanks for your reply. I will soon be getting "XBRL for dummies" to start but I am more interested to communicate with someone who is presently working where it is being used. My most current information dates back to 2006 where there was an estimate that XBRL would be in its ascendency until at least 2014 and so I do not know the current status of this discipline. I only know that it is mandatory for SEC filings. The only specific questions I have are:
- What are the five most basic tasks a financial professional can perform?
- What are the five most basic tasks an IT professional can perform?

Much thanks for your attention as I await a reply.

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