Hello :)
i am an aerospace engineer that has a dream to become a programmer.
and after that i wanna to specialize in game development.

my strategy is to learn C# in .NET by doing big projects, and i am doing it ok i guess.

suddenly i saw the XNA thing... i saw its part of .NET u can get and make the games more easy to make.

1. is xna profesional? i mean - due to above - should i spend time to learn it? or its like the game-maker series (which i very respect but its not for pro's)
2. have any tips for me for my dream?

thank u! :)

From what I understand XNA is what consumers use to create professional games for XBOX (and PC and more), but Microsoft uses something slightly different that consumers will not be able to get.
I believe I heard that on DNR Podcast #635 or DNR Podcast 501.

As of now, there's only a small handful of commercial games that are written using the XNA framework. Not to discredit it - it is a pretty good interface in my opinion. The problem is, however, due to the lack of commercial use I fear it might not be around too much longer (unsupported, etc).

C++ with DirectX and/or OpenGL would be the best way to go. DirectX is compatible with PC and Xbox games, OpenGL is compatible with everything.

Absolutely This Is The The Easiest & Best Tool To Make Games For XBOX. But Only XNA Will Not Do It.. . More & Good Knowledge Of C++ Will Be Helpful

Xbox Development Kit and XNA Game Studio Are The DEV Tools & Many More Can Be Downloaded From THE Microsoft Site.

Community adoption plays a big part in all of this.
If everyone starts using XNA, it becomes the thing to use.