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Well my idea is simple.What i want to do is to create a currency converter.Pretty easy task, but i want the currency rate to be updated somehow by an external server, probably from an website.Although i have experience in programming i have no clue how to use an external server to update a variable.

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how to use an external server to update a variable.

Your program could request the data from the server.
Where is the variable being used?


Look into Java Networking. You most likely want to have a PHP script running on a server that reads from some source for current currency prices. This script would run when your application accesses it. The script could aggregate your data and send it back to the client. You then would simply need to display the data.


ForEx data feeds are not free (or cheap)!
You could get the data (either "push" or "pull") and process it accordingly.

You could use a "web service". But, this will also cost you.

If you don't want to pay for a feed or service,
you would have to go to a web site and store a web page for processing.
This is known as "scraping".

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