Hello I do not know java however, I know that with java you can log IP addresses. If someone could, would they please write a script that could be embeded into an html file. This sript should collect the IP address and store it in a file.

Thats all. Thank You!!!

If your wondering why, I have friends that call me and ask me to help them and I don't like having to tell them how to find their IP address (it takes too long). The IP is needed so I can connect to their computer and controll it via remote control software. If someone could do this I will be very greatful! This is not hacking my friends are aware that I am in their computer. And I can coonect only when they turn on the software on their end. So they have to be there.


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I think you want javascript. Java can do this, but it's not going to be some script you plug into an html document and it runs. You could use jsp or servlets to EASILY get their ip.

By the way, if you just need to find their ip, got to the command line and type in:


That will give you the ip address and plus some.

yeah I knew about Ipconfig. I was just wondering if anyone could write a small snipet of code for me that would log someones to a log file... I never thought about the code being to different I thought you would just have to put some html tags around some code and that would do it. Realy thats all i need some code that I could put html tags around and so it does as I described.

If any one could do this for me I thank you!

Thank you that second link is perfect. I thank you. Now I just have to figure out how to save the IP to a log file.

I hate to detour people away from the java forum, but if you posted in the javascript forum, you could probably find exactly what your looking for. Even though the names sound alike, javascript is completely different from java.

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