This has to be a simple question to answer. And I know how to do this in C++ but I don't know how it is done in Visual Basic. So I am not completely lost. It is just that Visual Basic is pretty new to me.

I have written some functions to do a particular task in a Visual Basic project and I have put them into a seperate module and save it as a file.

And now I have included the call to that function in another part of code in a pre-existing file.

When I clidk on File->Make to build an execuatable, the compiler stops on the line where I have typed the function call and says:

Compile error:
Sub or Function not defined.

What additional things do I need to do to define the function?

Re: This has to be a simple question to answer. 80 80

I changed the function type from Private to Public and it works.

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