if u will try to run this, while looking at the codes ull know my mistake,
the thing here is when i choose "b"

it will show the balance, the a question like this will open up:
"Would you like to generate bank slip?"
if yes it should go in this part of the code:

else if   (ans == 0); // yes
			JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "BALANCE INQUIRY \n AMOUNT BALANCE: "+ bal+ "\nPrinting Bank slip.....");

but it doesnt, thats my problem please help me
thank you

why didn't you keep this in the other thread about this code?
you have two major issues with this code


else if (ans == 0);

is placed within a

if ( ans == 1 )

block, and will therefor never be executed.
the line

else if   (ans == 0);

should not have a ';' at the end. remove it, since it will immediately terminate the if ( ans == 0 ) block.

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Well... One problem is that you are NOT displaying the code that actually has the issue.
In fact... You are NOT displaying a runnable program.
You have only given an irrelevant snippet.

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