I'm working in my java worksheet what I have to to is to first create 3 class in java I create the first and second , but I don't understand how to create the third one
I don't know if I should post the code of the first and second class here they are too long
this is the instruction of the first class
this is the second class
I don't understand how to create the third class here is the instruction of the third class can you explain in please

this is my code for the first class
this is for the second class
and this is what I wrote so far for the third class

we're not going to look at all those links. I just checked your first link, the javadoc. why did you post that link three times? it points to 'exact the same' url.

secondly, post your code here, don't just link to several external pages. also, be a bit more precise. "I don't know what to do" isn't very helpfull. can you tell us more about what it is you are having trouble with?

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