I can't seem to find an thread that matches my questions so I am starting a new thread...

I made an application. I used:

VB.net 2010
SAP Crystal Reports Runtime Engine for .NET Framework 4.0
SQL Server Database (.mdf)

I don't really know how to setup so I just publish my program pressing
"Publish Now"

And here are problems found:

1. Having error when running the program involving the crystal reports
2. After installation, Database is not found or something like that.

What I need:
1. An installer version of my program with the database in it.
2. and of course running program and not crushing :)

PLease help me with some guidelines and steps. Thanks!

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U need to add the required component for crystal reports at client system. So u needs to include them in prerequisites in ur project and why you want to install the SQL at client end? it should be server and ur client should point to server.

oh, just needed to REBUILD. then its ok. works for me.

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