Hi :)
there is a way to save versions of my solution easily in .NET C#?
what i am doing currently its copy the solution folder onto a backup folder and change its name to SOLUTION_NAME_X.X while X.X its the version number.

i guess the Microsoft dudes had thought of something more convenient.

thank u!

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Subversion is great for this. Although there is a bit of setup time. I am not aware of any way to natively save versions to different paths automatically though.

I use AhnkSVN(integrates with visual studio) and TortoiseSVN(integrates with windows) at work, and connect to a Apache server running Subversion (this can all be installed and run locally if you want, just install it and connect to localhost; it's all free too).

Subversion tracks all kinds of things
- every version of code ever submitted
- the changes between code versions
- branching of code into seperate version histories
- allows multiple developers to use the most up to date code and edit it simultaneously while documenting changes/comments
- tracks the changes that indivdual developers make with the ability to merge changes

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