Hello. Im very new to assembly. Like, 2 weeks new. Im an IT student and I want to practice assembly in my very own laptop. I want to download assembly resources but Im not sure what. I know this exists in the assembly resources thread but Im really clueless. It might take me a few hours to know / do trial and errors on the downloads which I really don't want.
So, I need your help guys. I want to download assembly resources for windows 7. I want to make my program in a textpad, in .asm format then convert it to .com. I have TextPad 5.4 and I want to see outputs in the command prompt. Can you guys tell me / give links to which versions of masm, link and exe2bin I should download?
I've tried googling it and there were so many versions, Im afraid to download anything because I don't know what to download and I might end up getting virus. Can you please help?

I do not think Windows 7 will run dos/com files anymore... MS dropped support for those file types.. You will need to run under a virtual machine... If you are starting out, I suggest you learn 32 bit windows assembly (a lot easier than 16 bit code and dos/com) Starting out? I suggest something with auto text/highlighting like an IDE RadSM and WinASM both support MASM. First you need to dl the MASM32 package.. includes everything you need to assemble files:

Next get either IDEs:


Try them both and see which you like... both have dialog editors built in, code highlighting, block indent, auto-complete, etc... An IDE will make your life easier.

As for Virii, stay with trusted programming sites... you will get MANY false positives even with the MASM32 package and some files in the ide packages... welcome to the world of Assebly ;)

RadASM will also allow you to debug from the IDE. Speaking of debuggers.... they will make your life easier hunting bugs.. I rec Olly:
http://www.ollydbg.de/ go with the 1.x version as 2.x is not primetime yet

.COM files still work on windows 7, they are emulated by NTVDM.
A virtual PC would be a much better option though.. NTVDM can be very slow.