Hi I'm new to java and I have written a simple Program and everything and set up a Path variable
And then I tried to compile it by changing the cd and using javac
Then it asks whether javac.exe can make changes to the computer. I tapped yes and then the screen went
Black. About a second later it came back on a new line but nothing had changed and it hadn't created a CLASS File
Is there something I am doing wrong?

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how exactly did you try to use the javac command?
personally, I've never heard about this error (not by the javac command, anyway).

hi....?Can you help me create a program using java on caesar cipher..encryption...please I need a reply cause I really need it...

here are a few guidelines if you want positive response:
1. start a new thread, don't hijack other threads, especially not if they are not related to your question
2. don't just copy-paste an assignment you've gotten
3. show some proof of what you've done, even if it's just in pseudo code, so that we can see you actually tried something yourself
4. realize that we are volunteers, willing to help you learn improve your coding skills, which we do during our personal time. we are not Devs-4-hire and don't deliver custom-made code

Hi I used the javac command by changing the directory to where I saved the
Program. Then I changed the path variable to what it needed to be and wrote javac *.java
Then the problem started .
thanks very much

I will post the code I have done in the morning

I will post the code I have done in the morning

that last post of me wasn't a reply to you :)
it was a reply to a post that has been removed already.

Oh ok

maybe its a UAC problem? try turning UAC off in your control panel under 'User Accounts And FAnily Safety' if it still precedes then just change your settings back. or you could right click the file you are using to parse the info to javac and click 'run as Administrator'

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