Hi everybody,
I am currently learning c++, and i would like to know more about java.
As you know, c++ has no built-in functions to build GUI apps, does java have built-in functions to build gui apps ? Or we need 3rd party libraries ?

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Java has:
AWT the original GUI class library from Java 1, obsolete except to the extent that it was the basis for
Swing the updated and improved version of AWT that's current
SWT a Windows-specific class library that gives direct access to the Windows GUI environment. Much loved by IBM, but not system-independent like Swing.

You'll find vast amounts of Swing tutorial info on the web, but IMHO this is the best

Ok thanks James,
Is AWT still used ?
Will it work on any windows system ?
thanks again

AWT still works, and underlies Swing. You can think of Swing as AWT version 2. AWT and Swing work on all platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac ...

Thanks James.

No problemo. Mark this solved?


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