How to bind selected columns to datagridview at runtime.
I have written select * from tableName. And result i have stored in DataTable dt. Now i want only selected columns to be displayed in datagridview at runtime. I dont want to bound gridview at designtime.

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Do you need all of the columns out of the database or could you just select only the ones you need? Most of the time SELECT * isn't really needed.
If not, you can bind various columns of your gridview to the columns of the data source in code. This …

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Actuly i can write only required column name but my query is parameterized and cloumn which i am using for parameter that i dont wont to display

And other columns i am binding with other labels so thats why i have to do * option.

Thanks hericles its working.
All i have done is instead of writing DataGridViewTextBoxColumn i have written DataGridViewColumn. And DataGridViewColumn's obj.CellTemplate = new DataGridViewTextBoxCell(); because DataGridViewTextBoxColumn do not have DataPropertyName property.
Thank you your link was helpfull

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