Hello i hope all is well
I want to block many porn websites in my computer
i am new in vb6 and i want to block website in secret where cannot find anybody and cannot
unblock website
Just we unlock the website Please help me
if not block using vb6 then send me another way to block a website please please help
me anybody

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this looks like something you should be doing in your firewall. VB6 is an application development tool

Thanks for Reply ChrisPadgham
i know the vb is a application development tool
and First way to block the website using Host File in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
but i thinking and find another secret way to block website in Visual basic 6.0
if i cannot find another way to block in vb so i have this option to make a simple application in vb and call Host file and save all the websites we want to do block.
By the way
Thank you for Advise .

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