I have made a database file in MS Access 2007,
Now I made a basic blank form in VB2008.
I have connected it already in the form.

Now the problem is, how would I know if I have connected it successfully?
I run the program > added a new entry by clicking "+" > Filled up the text box forms
> the clicked save on the tool tip > Then close the debugging.

I went back to MS ACCESS and checked my db file. Strange thing is, the db was not updated.
It should be updated right? or I missed something..

You've done it wrong that's all i can say with all the information you've provided
atleast show us the main logic only than we can help you

ok, so the logic is, I want to make a student registration form.
Of course, I have to set up a database for it right?

So I made a database with MS ACCESS, made in entries like
First name, Last name, Course, Year, and etc. Then after that I saved my database file then opened up VB2008. Opened my project for student registration and added a new form for the student registration. I added the new database I made and then dragged it to the form.

There comes in the text box and everything. I started to debug it, Then I pressed the "+" in the tool tip to add an entry and filled up the entry forms and saved.
Now the question is how would I know if the entry I just made is successful?

I checked my db file and the entries I made were not added.

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