how to create crystal report using datagridview values without using database in C#?

i have form that has datagridview and 2 datetimepicker
when the user select the start date and end date using the datetimepicker so the data will be shown in datagridview
so i wanna print all the results from the datagirdview using crystal report
i hope any help
VisualStudio 2010

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You can pass values to a Crystal Report via parameters.

But one of the best features (I find, anyway) of CR is the ability to work with databases. This saves a lot of the overhead involved in sending large amounts of data via parameters. Also, Details sections fill with all the values dynamically - saving a lot of custom layout programming. What datasource is the gridview bound to (if any)? Could a cleverly devised select statement work instead?


As skatamatic said the best way we can go with database handling...or dataset would help you....

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