How can i send a file at my e-mail address?
I want to write it in my C program.
Is there any simple way to do that?

I Use Dev C++ compiler.
I am not using C# or VB.

Thanks in advance for answering.

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What you want to do is likely above your present ability. (For now.)
I'm telling you this kindly.
However, you have asked a question, and I will answer it.
(Who knows, this might be the start of a wonderful new world of socket programming for you.)

First, since you are using Windows, you will want to familiarize yourself with Winsock.
Google windows socket tutorials
You will find a nice tutorial for it here:
And a handy reference here:

Code Project is also a fantastic place for finding code examples, but you'll need to register to download.

Since you are using the MinGW compiler (part of Dev-C++), you will need to add -lwsock32 and -lws2_32 in your libraries.

Once you're comfortable with writing socket code, I suggest you have a look at this:
Have a look at the example exchange in the article. It'll help.

Happy coding!

You said,
"What you want to do is likely above your present ability. (For now.)"
Is this because of my experience or i cannot write it in C programming?

I have found a code like this:
system("mailx -s " hello "");

when i run this code:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(void)

system("mailx -s " hello "");

return 0;


I get these two errors:
C:\Users\Makias\Desktop\Untitled1.cpp In function `int main()':
10 C:\Users\Makias\Desktop\Untitled1.cpp expected `)' before "hello"

Thanks for the links i will give them a look.
I am not experienced so i need a bit more help.

Why did I say that? The way you worded your question gave me a clue you might be a little green. A semi-seasoned coder would have asked for help in socket programming. They might have even mentioned watching "sendmail" programs inside a WireShark session.
You didn't word yours that way. Instead, you asked for a finished product without realizing it.
Now to business. Your proposed method system("mailx...") calls an outside program (mailx) to send the email. Admittedly, that's a simpler solution I hadn't considered.
Now, mailx is a Unix/Linux program. You can get a Windows version, but it will insist on some Unix-isms you may not be happy with.
I recommend having a look at blat or any other open source email program designed for Windows.
Look over the command-line usage and adjust your system("..."); command accordingly.

Happy coding!

I am a new coder. Student yet.
I just try to make programs that will give
me some new experience. This one will both
give me experience and help me know the temperature
of an area that i need to know.

I appreciate your help, i think this "blat" is a very good idea.

So, should i leave the system(mailx) idea out of my plans?
I prefer C coding. What do you think?

Let me explain the system("...") function.
system("x 1 2 3"); calls a program "x" and passes it the parameters 1, 2, and 3.
So instead of dropping system() entirely, you'd be doing something like system("blat blah.txt -to");

Also note that blat requires a text file to email, otherwise it might not work.
Also, there's a really good chance your email server will mark your file as SPAM. Make sure to check your spam folders regularly. But who knows?

I think with blat i will solve my problem, it was really useful.

I run blat -installer something_wrong
It changed smtp server to something_wrong
Did i do anything that might affect my computer's operation in the future?

Thanks again.

After some tries i cannot find how blat works,
Blat might solve my problem but i think i am doing something wrong.

My code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main(void)
system("blat -installSMTP 2 25");
system("blat msg.txt -to");

return 0;

I am a bit confused.

I also tried other ways but maybe i will finally download Visual Studio.

// For those who like scheduled mailing is a nice site.

any idea of how to use blat and its parameters...???
i use gmail... any help appreciated...

Is your blat program in the system path or where your program can find it?

Is your blat program in the system path or where your program can find it?

I have my cpp and txt files in the blat\full folder where the exe is, in order to avoid paths and avoiding path errors.

I used cmd to find the way that blat is used abd to know how to insert it.

I had my IP in PBL spamhause blacklist but somehow after an hour it resolved.

Maybe after a message that i send at Yahoo Contact Us .

To sum up and help anyone that might want to do something similar:

First i run cmd.
Sec i used cd to enter the blat folder.
Third i saved settings of smtp server and senders e-mail: how? run...
blat -SaveSettings -f here_write_senders_mail -server here_write_smtp_server -port here_write_smtp_port -try num_times_to_try_and_send_the_mail -profile computers_prof
fourth if needed by server add: -u for_full_email_user_id -pw email_password
Fifth and final i needed to execute:
blat path/my_file -to the_email_of_the_recipient -debug
or at my cpp file:
system(blat path/my_file -to the_email_of_the_recipient -debug);

-debug will show you info that will help you understand if any problem occurs

Yeah... that's happened to me. My church was using a free web host and wanted to create a mailer. Much to our surprise....
I've since moved to paid hosting and that's no-longer a problem. But for you, that's not really an option I guess. Sorry to hear it.

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