Would it be possible to use JavaScript with C# (or Java, Python etc) for the sake of getting a sweet UI.

Say for example I have a program written in C# with a ok-looking GUI which holds some panels, a few buttons, radiobuttons, the usual stuff. Would I then be able to incorporate some JavaScript to create a neater UI so when I (for example) hoover above a button I get something more than just a tooltiptext or maybe even remove/hide the button all together, just like you could do with JavaScript in a website.

If it's possible could I get some code samples?

Or does C# already got some functionality for all of this?

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C# can do all of that. And more. Way more. Don't use Javascript outside of AJAX. For fancy looking UI you should look into WPF and Silverlight (although I think Silverlight might be dead now).

Skata is right, look into WPF for decent UI's :)

Thanks! WPF seems sweet.

It is :) sadly i've not got round to learning how to use it properly yet lol, still in the land of standard winforms!

There is no need to do that -- especially in C# and especially with the presence of Linq;

If you have not yet discovered Linq (to objects) for querying inside your own code, you should investigate it.

If you're just talking about the visual aspects, others have already addressed that (in these posts).

thanks for the reply, I were talking only about the graphical and visual aspect of it.

now... how do I mark the thread as solved :P can't find how to do it

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