Hi all,

I ve been seeking a tutorial,article etc. about 2D cliext::vector . These are using <cliext/vector> library and cliext namespace.
At once i need 2d vector decleration and its
erase method to remove all rows which are full of zeros.

Any help 'll be greatly appreciated.

If so, there is an easier way.

Yes it is , show it please

I posted somehing in the other thread.

Thines01, finally i need a 2D vector in managed C++. Could you tell me such a structure exists or not ?

Hi,unfortunatly there is no such thing as a 2D cliext::vector in msdn. I will go on with 2D STL vector type.

#include "vector"
using namespace std;

vector<vector<int>> int_vector(2,vector<int>(2));

Sort of...

List<List<int>^>^ lst_lst_intData = gcnew List<List<int>^>();

Sort of...

Allright but it is a kind of 1D structure which has a bigger library than vector type.
How can it be used in place of a 2D vector !?

What I was showing is a List inside of another List.
...2 dimensional.

ssht. Many thanks.