Hi all,

I ve been seeking a tutorial,article etc. about 2D cliext::vector . These are using <cliext/vector> library and cliext namespace.
At once i need 2d vector decleration and its
erase method to remove all rows which are full of zeros.

Any help 'll be greatly appreciated.

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This isn't a work-around for your earlier question, is it?

If so, there is an easier way.

If so, there is an easier way.

Yes it is , show it please

I posted somehing in the other thread.

Thines01, finally i need a 2D vector in managed C++. Could you tell me such a structure exists or not ?

Hi,unfortunatly there is no such thing as a 2D cliext::vector in msdn. I will go on with 2D STL vector type.

#include "vector"
using namespace std;

vector<vector<int>> int_vector(2,vector<int>(2));

Sort of...

List<List<int>^>^ lst_lst_intData = gcnew List<List<int>^>();

Sort of...

Allright but it is a kind of 1D structure which has a bigger library than vector type.
How can it be used in place of a 2D vector !?

What I was showing is a List inside of another List.
...2 dimensional.

ssht. Many thanks.

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