hello guys i have a database with tblblabla and column agent_id, name, regis_date, expire_date

agent_id , name , regis_date , expire_date-->COLUMN HEADER
BLA-1 , SAMPLE , 1/1/2012 , 1/1/2013-->COLUMN DATA

and i have a notification-form that check either the agent is expire or not if the agent is expire it will display to this form if not it will not

the main problem is i can check it by comparing the expire_date to present data, what if the expire_date compared with present date up to the future date, what i mean is how can i let the agent stay on the notification-form, agent will be remove when the expire_date is change
sorry for very poor explanation i hope you'll understand it, thnx in advance

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thnx debasisdas but can you show me how to use datediff function? is it apply on sql query?
pls let me see some samples, thnx again

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