i wanna make setup file to my app
C# Database app with SQL SERVER 2008 R2

i wanna specific steps 1 - 2 - 3

and what about database file (.mdf), how can i handle this and

i wanna when i take this setup file to any another pc once i setup it
the application works properly

so again
what steps should i follow to make this

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Your question makes almost no sense whatsoever.

What does this setup file do? Does it have a path to an .mdf file?
Does it have a connection string?
How do you excpect us to give you a step by step guide to something that you've given us almost 0 information about?

u can tell me what info u wanna to solve my prob so

if u have answer so i'll be grateful else thank u for ur respect

Start here

Ahh sorry I misread the OP. I thought he meant 'Settings File', not 'Setup File'. Makes a bit more sense now...

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