I have a program which is almost working now further implementation wants a records to store different entities and to create their relationship. I don't want to create the new forms what would be the best and easiest way of doing this.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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If a database is required, I recommend creating a separate database manipulation class that has a method for inserting, one for updating, one for deleting and one for selecting.

That way, you can still work with the database no matter what happens with the graphical design.

Other than that: How you implement the user interface will be important to how you pass the data to and from the database manipulation class (or classes).

Thanks for your reply. Yes I think that's nice approach to deal with this. Can you give me any good reference to such a class. I am searching but getting different things.

Well, that will depend on the database type and the technology you want to use to reach it.
The location of the DB might make a difference also.
Is it locally stored? Oracle, SQLServer, MS Access, MySQL, A spreadsheet or is it not yet determined?

you are right this is not yet determined. Actually its a simple program about which I had asked question in the earlier thread. So I ll store the data locally. what do you recommend now.

If you have SQL Server Express or MySQL at your disposal, I recommend either of those.

I haven't done anything like that before. Can you tell me if I can write some code to create a database locally in the same program I working with. and store the data in a table. I don't want more complexity. I hope you 'll help me as you do.

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