I’m looking for a programming language that will: 1. Automate desk top processes running under Windows XP, like clearing the recycle bin & clearing recently accessed documents-programs under ‘Customize Classic Start Menu’, & 2. Open a Corel Paintshop program, run that program’s procedures & options, like optimizing photos, save the files & close the program.

Something that will automate creating the script would be a major plus.

I’m considering Python, but would rather learn first if it will do the jobs I’ve outlined above before I take the time to dwell into it & learn all the syntax & code.

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

Task 1 is probably something that could be accomplished using system utilities if you were willing to research the options. I bet you could write a command line script or something to do it.

Task 2 can have many approaches. If the program in question supports the right command line options then it would be a similar thing. However, if you want to do complex tasks that require interaction with the program interface... not many options except a macro scripting language like AutoHotkey.

you can use Automa to automate any UI operations on most of apps that run on Windows. For example, clearing the recycle bin can be done by running one line command in Automa:

rightclick("Recycle Bin", select="Empty Recycle Bin")

Automa is written in Python and can be used as an importable library in your own scripts.