Hello all. I am trying to convert this type of string

array<String^>^ files = OpenFileDialog1->FileNames;

to a normal string.

I am using a file open form for my program and the file name that comes from the Ok on click is in that form array<String^>^ ;

I need to change it to either a char or string, this is the closest that i have come to succeeding at it.

String ^ st= ""+filename;

I cant find any documentation on how to convert it to something im used to working with like string or char.

I am new to gcnew anything and find it confusing thanks for any help.

What your OpenFileDialog1->FileNames call returns seems to be a handle to an array of System::String handles, not just a single one, so you'd have to convert each string in the array individually. I think that you need to do some marshalling to do that, see here