Hello, im having problems with using a RAF in my project.

i have 5 fields on my form three of wich hold integers and the other two hold strings, i want the data to then be sent via a "send button" to the random access file.

here is the code wich i belive should work..

Private Sub sendstustory_Click()
Dim story As storydata

story.daydate = stdd.Text
story.monthdate = stmm.Text
story.yeardate = styy.Text
story.storyhead = StudentHeader.Text
story.mainstory = stustorytxtsnd.Text

Open "c:\storyholder" For Random As #1 Len = Len(story)
Put #1, , story

Close #1

note that i also created my own data type for these*

basicaly it just isnt working when i execute the program everything runs smooth. but nothing appears in the RAF,
and it isn't throwing any errors.

help would b much appreciated..