how to store MySQL table data into file and then again from file to table using java program.

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you'll need to connect to the database, using a JDBC connector, then write the correct code and sql queries, and execute them.

here's a good place to start.

i have connected to database successfully but i want to make a button which read MySQL table data and store it in file and another button which read this file and fill another table with that data.

well, as I said, you'll have to:

write the correct code and sql queries, and execute them.

did you bother to take a look at the link I provided you with? maybe the part where it says:
Discussion and Sample Code for JDBC Programs?

please send me java code for fixed diposite account using MySQL.

please do your own homework.
show your code, show any error messages or what it does and what it should do, and then we'll look at it. stop acting as if we are 'developers-for-rent' who'll spend 24/7 doing your work for you.

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Ok fine

please give some ideas and tips or suggestions.

Yes I will look for it.

Thankx for reply.

seriously, in your other thread I've provided you with a link that leads to complete code samples. look at them, learn from them and you're on your way not to need our help.

@rushikesh jadha

1) Both post merged - forum rule Keep It Organized Do not post the same question multiple times
2) Next time you create thread you better give it a proper name not "java help". We are in Java section and people posting here do need help - forum rule Keep It Clear Do use clear and relevant titles for new threads
3) You are expected to show effort and not just beg for answers. Just simple search on Google would gave you ton of resources "Java MySQL tutorial" - forum rule Keep It Organized Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Next time you fail to do any of above I will merciless delete your thread!

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thank you for giving me unique name.

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