I have a Java Final exam after few days. And I am looking for some website that contains SOLVED programming exercises. Can anyone give me at least one site?

Note: what I mean by SOLVED is that I want the exercises to have solutions with them because I want to make sure my program is written correct.


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what book are you using? almost all books I 've used contained examples and exercices
, with the corrections at the end of the chapter.

also, what kind of "exercices" are we talking about? configuring your spring project or more of the hello world type of thing?

My book is called:Introduction to Java Programming 6th edition by Daniel Liang.

It has exercises but I didn't find the corrections.

Anyway the exercises I am looking for are about: Methods,Arrays,Recursion..

looks like pretty basic stuff.
well, I found this quote when I googled the title:

In addition, I appreciate the author provides solutions to almost all review questions on website

just a small search on the author's name taught me that this is the site mentioned.

I think you'll have the most success there.

Thanks stultuske for your help! :)

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Most book exercises are written to demonstrate a particular; feature, function, method, command, etc.
Code the exercise... Do you get the desired result?
if (desiredResult.equals ("YES")) System.out.println ("Then you've done it correctly!");
else System.out.println ("You haven't done it correctly!");

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