Hey. I'm pretty new in Python. I'm trying to read from my file all the content and put it in a string. My file looks:

1 string1
2 string2
10 string 3

and I want to obtain: ["1", "string1", "2", "string 2", "10", "string3"] using this:

def read(self):
        file = open("Repository/file.txt", 'r')
        f = file.readlines()
        f = f.split(" ")
        print f

but I get this: AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'split'


with open('numb.txt') as f:
    print [i.split() for i in f]
    #[['1', 'string1'], ['2', 'string2'], ['10', 'string3']]

A little mistake like this for 1 list.

with open('numb.txt') as f:
    print f.read().split()
    #['1', 'string1', '2', 'string2', '10', 'string3']
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