what does the following code means in Qt programming..


why are we using QDialogButtonBox:: .

QDialogButtonBox::Ok looks like an enum value defined in QDialogButtonBox class.

I know this but i am unable to understand this syntax QDialogButtonBox :: , what is this for?

+1 Gerard. I have designed a dialog in Qt designer and I want to use the name of each child widget for some coding in cpp file. But the names I have given to buttons etc in Qt designer are not working as pointer. What do I do?

Basically what QDialogButtonBox::Ok is is a static member of the QDialogButtonBox class defined in the QT libraries... another example is the QMessageBox... please see usage below:

QMessageBox::information(0, "Title bar text", "Message text", "", "")

This will give you basic message box (with information image, can also use critical for errors etc) and update a user on a successful run where there is no other output...

A QDialogButtonBox is where you want to have the user give feedback ("Proceed?")

If you have QT Designer you should also have QT Assistant... you should be able to see the syntax and alternatives there