hello all
I use notepad++ to create my code
I use dos command to javac the code
some times when there is error in my code the the dos console shows many lines of error message
my question is : if the error lines's message is 100 lines or more ,the first error line message scrolled up and cannot be seen anymore ,so I cannot see the beginning of error message
How do i know the beginning of error message ?
(how to overcome this problem ?)

thank you


If there are truly too many errors to see, you've probably written too much code that is untested.
You should compile more often to avoid this.

You can also comment out the excess, untested code to narrow down the errors.

hello thines01
some times I need to change code at the small line number,if that code is wrong
for instance i unintend delete a variable,then the whole lines under it which used that variable
become error.If the variable i don't remember at what lines,then I also cannot see it in the error message.
I have to find it manually.

thank you

try the getStackTrace() method.
you can then write the entire stacktrace in a log file, so you'll miss no lines.

Have you tried using a > to redirect the output messages from the compiler to a file where you can browse them all at your leisure?

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Open your "command prompt".
Right-Click on the title bar.
Select "properties".
Click on the "layout" tab.
In the "Screen Buffer SIze" section,
adjust the buffer height to a larger amount.
I've got mine set to 300.
You also may wish to increase the "Window Size" height.

hello all

thank you ,you are all very ver good techer to me