Hello I have something for my scripting class I am assigned to do, I can not figure out who to do these set of instructions, I beleive i am supposed to use the tr command, he has 'cut file | tr ":" " " ' on the board. i am very confused, the instructions go as following

"Cut the login name field(#1) and the display name field (#5) from the /etc/passwd file and redirect the output to a file name cutpw

cut the login name field (#1) and the terminal field (#2) from the output of the who command and redirect the output to a file name cutwho

Join the cutpw and cutwho files on the login name fields and redirect the output inot a file named joinfile"

Have you tried playing around with the commands?

$ tr ':' ' ' < /etc/passwd | head -n 5
root x 0 0 root /root /bin/tcsh
bin x 1 1 bin /bin /sbin/nologin
daemon x 2 2 daemon /sbin /sbin/nologin
adm x 3 4 adm /var/adm /sbin/nologin
lp x 4 7 lp /var/spool/lpd /sbin/nologin


$ cut -d':' -f 3 < /etc/passwd | head -n 5

The more you play with the tools the better you will understand them. If you have trouble with any of the commands just type man command into the shell. For example, to learn more about the cut command you would do

$ man cut