Hello, i have made this question again, but is something i really want to learn :/ and never i get an complet answer

I know enought good C#/Java Windows programming, i also know C/C++ Console programming but i think is time to learn/play with C/C++ Windows Appis ...

How i can draw controls in C/C++ ? I know only for
HWND hw = CreateWindow(_className.....);


My problem is, there are only few controls, i can't(dont know) Draw RitchText/TreeView/ using CreateWindow :/

Any suggstion? im looking for tutorials with advanced controls and not simple tutorial "were show how to create an button and when you click it happen something ..."

Soaz againx10 for my english.

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If you are wanting to learn win32 api, then this is a good introduction. But it is far easier to use a different language, such as C# or CLI/C++ (Windows Forms)

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