:sad: I have to write a program using classes, and design an online address book to keep track of the name, addresses, phone numbers, and dates of birth of family members, close friends, and certain business associates.

The out put menue should look like this:

1: To see if a person is in the address book
2: Print the names of person having birthday in a particular month
4: Print the names of persons between two last names
5: Print the names of persons having a particular status
6: Print the address book
7: Save data
8: Terminate the program

>>Please Help Me with my c++ homework

Tanslated: Please do my homework because I'm just too busy (or lazy) to do it myself.

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Yes that is rather meagre ;)

I've been looking on the web and I believe this to be the most extensive, although probably not the most recommended tutorial for class design in c++.


You'll have to make a few ammendments though, like change the

#include <iostream.h>

to the more updated and generally accepted

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

And perhaps change the odd char[] to std::string, however, inspite of this I think the tutorial is worthy of merit.

Any whoo, you'll also notice that most of his code has line numbers included. If you want to test his code it would be tedious to manually erase all those line numbers so I have written a quick program to do this for you. See attachment. Again you have to extract the zipped file for it to work properly.

You'll have to make a few ammendments though

Maybe you could change
"C++ is an object-oriented programming language"
"C++ is a multi-paradigm language which supports object-oriented programming"

Or am I clutching at straws there? ;)

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