I've been looking into using listbox as for part of my assignment and i was wondering if you guys could help point me in the right direction of what to look into next. I know how to make a list box, add objects to the list, modify, and delete from the list.

However what i want to do is to have a list box (or something else this is the part i'm not sure on) where you add a task i.e. do assignment, and then from that double click, or go onto it some more, where i can then either add it's own list, like read book on c#, program, etc. Or even just simply adding a description to the title.

If it makes it easier to understand what i want to do ( because my expiation wasn't very clear ) I want a tableView like on iOS where you click on one of the items, and it'll take you to another view where you can add on more detail about that task currently made.

Thanks in advance.

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Are you thinking of something like a tree or treeview or a menu with sub-menus?

Are you thinking of something like a tree or treeview or a menu with sub-menus?

A menu style is what i'm really aiming for where the users adds things that need to be done, click on one of them and then can add more detail about what needs to be done.

Would a MenuStrip control work?

you could use a simple list box ... when user selects an item in the list box - you can open the configuration window where in user can add/modify/save the data OR you could make use of a grid and on each row selection you can open the confiuration window ... hope this helps

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