I have a file(myfile.txt) with the following lines, the records are semicolon delimited

Bon Jovi;Living + 2;EP;A+
Metal Maze;Aliotta Haynes Music;LP;B-
Shore Brothers, The;Wipe my door, check;LP;C+
Bulman, Dane & Greg;Dane & Greg Bulman;LP;C-
Calbert, Herb & The Mexico Brass;Rise;LP;A´


I want to write a c program which will read the file and display in the following manners sorted by RATINGS. The program will display 10 rows at a time on the screen.

Bon Jovi----------------Living + 2----------------EP---------------A+
Metal Maze--------------Aliotta Haynes Music------LP---------------B-
Shore Brothers, The-----Wipe my door, check-------LP---------------C+
Bulman, Dane & Greg-----Dane & Greg Bulman--------LP---------------C-
Herb & The Brass--------Rise----------------------LP---------------C-
The dash ( ------ ) represents spaces, sorry i couldnt allign it.

Kind of new in C programming world and want to explore as much as i can. would be great to get any useful tips from you guys.

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Look up

Can you just help me with little bit more details if possible

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