I want to print the word that start with h(not case sensitive).
i tried with below code but its printing only one charater 'H'.
i dont understand the metacharaters and regular expressions much.
i understood that $1 will have the first match and $2 will have second match and so on.
please help me.

$line = "Hello how are you";
  $line =~ m/\b(h*)/i;
  print $1."\n";

Thank you very much for the below code.

$line = "Hello how are you";
while($line =~ m/\b(h\w+)/ig){
print $&."\n";

i actually want to understand $1 and $2 variables and the extraction process.
can i have the single expression without while, which extracts the words starts with H/h and returns.


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The value of whatever matches what is in the first pair of parentheses goes into $1, and the value of whatever matches what is in the second pair of parentheses goes into $2. Here's an example of capturing matches into the $1 and $2 variables.

use strict;
use warnings;

my $line = "Hello Harry, how is your house?";

$line =~ m/(\bh\w+).*?(\bh\w+)/i;

print '$1 = ', "$1\n";
print '$2 = ', "$2\n";

Note that it's not as flexible as thines01 script because the pattern will capture only the first to words starting with 'h' or 'H' and ignores the rest.

problem is solved.
Thank you very much.

But how to understand the expressions and their traversal and evaluation.
i mean the expression "(\bh\w+).*?(\bh\w+)/i;"

i know \b means word boundary i.e find words only
h specifies words start with h
\w specoifies any alphanumeric

what this ".*? " is for i dont understand.

is there any web source where i can find the meaning of expressions and their examples.

Thank you a lot.

i will go through the links.


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