public class Wisk_project_template
    private static BufferedReader inStream = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader (;
    // handles addition
    private static void optel () throws Exception
        // ask name
        System.out.print ("Hi  -  what is your name?  ");

        // call menuLevels and ask for level
        menuLevels ();
        System.out.print (
                char choice =

                // set levels
                // default level is easy
        int level = 3;
        if (choice == '2')

        if (choice == '3')


        // Ask how many sums
        System.out.print ("How many sums?  ");

        // declare variables to be used - nr of sums correct, the correct answer and the user's answer

        // for loop - ask sum, check answer, update stats and provide message

        // determine percentage and print message to user


    // menu for levels
    private static void menuLevels ()
        System.out.println ("\t\t MENU TO INDICATE LEVEL");
        System.out.println ("1. Easy");
        System.out.println ("2. ");
        System.out.println ("3. ");

    // main menu for program
    private static void menuMain ()
        // write menu to screen
        System.out.println ("\t\t MENU");
        System.out.println ("A. Optel");
        System.out.println ("B. Aftrek");
        System.out.println ("C. ");
        System.out.println ("X. Exit");

    // main method
    public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception
        char choice;
        // do while x or X is not entered
            menuMain ();
            // read user's choice
            System.out.print ("\nPlease enter your choice...: ");
            choice =

                switch (choice)
                case 'A':
                case 'a':
                        optel ();
                case 'B':


                        System.out.println ("");
        while (Character.toUpperCase (choice) != 'X');
        System.out.println ("Bye-Bye");
    } // main method

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Please edit your code and wrap it in code tags. Use the [code] icon above the input box.

What is your problem with the code? What does it do? What do you want it to do?

If you get errors, please copy and paste here the full text of the message.

It should ask a name, then ask if you want a a.add or b.subract math sum then it should ask difficulty easi avg or hard, then it should ask how many sums you want on that dif lvl. after it should generate a sum(easy 1 number sums 1+1) (avg 2- 12+ 54) (hard 3 - 364+134) then after the amount of sums you wanted to do and then it calculates avg score in % and write to screen and then go back to menu

Please edit your code and wrap it in code tags. Use the [code] icon above the input box.

1)What is your problem with the code?
2)What does it do? Show its output
3)What do you want it to do?

If you get errors, please copy and paste here the full text of the message.

You answered one part of my post (#3). What about the rest?

I dont know java at all i just know what my goal is. i know a few basics but thats it i just wana get this finished because everything i wana know atm is in there and if i can get it completed i can see

Can you answer any of my questions?
For example can you execute the program, copy its output and paste it here?
To copy the contents of the command prompt window:
Click on Icon in upper left corner
Select Edit
Select 'Select All' - The selection will show
Click in upper left again
Select Edit and click 'Copy'

Paste here.

And then add comments to it showing where you want the output to be different.

We don't do homework here. We help OPs solve their problems. So far you have not explained what your problem is. Saying "help me complete this" is not how to show what your problem is.

")" inserted to complete MethodInvocation
if we had to do it like this there is about 1000 problems because there is stuff i have to enter but i dont know what it is to get to my goal

dont worry ill figure it out myself or do a beginners guide

That is probably a good idea. You need to understand how computer programs are put together and how computers work before you try to design a computer program.
You need to design your program before you try to write it.
What you posted looks like you are trying to write the program without any design.
You say i just know what my goal is. That is the starting point, then you must break it up into small steps that will accomplish that goal. Then you must translate those steps to a java program.

can u give errors of the code?
what's d problem with code?

Take the steps one at a time. First solve this one:

It should ask a name,

You should look at the Scanner class for an easy way to read in data from the console.
If you Search on this forum, there are lots of examples that use Scanner.

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