I'm so confused on this, can anyone please give me a hand. Thank you in advance.

A program that uses the numbers from 1 - 12 and output the number, the square of the number, the cube of the number and finally the square root of the number. At the end give me a grand total of the square roots.

//**Forgot to post the code before:
//**Having problems with the grad square root. 

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace squarerootsys


class Program  


static void Main(string[] args)  




//loop 12 times calculating and displaying values  

    for (int Number = 1; Number <= 12;  


Square = Number * Number;  

Cube = Square * Number;

Squareroot = Math.Sqrt(Number);


        Console.WriteLine("\t{0}\t{1}\t{2}\t{3}", Number, Square, Cube, Squareroot);  

}// end of calculate and display  






I'm confused. This is obviously a homework problem. For that, you don't deserve a code answer. You are supposed to produce something like:
Value: 1, Square: 1, Cube: 1, Sqrt: 1
Value: 2, Square: 4, Cube: 8, Sqrt: 1.4142135623731
Value: 3, Square: 9, Cube: 27, Sqrt: 1.73205080756888
Value: 4, Square: 16, Cube: 64, Sqrt: 2
Value: 5, Square: 25, Cube: 125, Sqrt: 2.23606797749979
Value: 6, Square: 36, Cube: 216, Sqrt: 2.44948974278318
Value: 7, Square: 49, Cube: 343, Sqrt: 2.64575131106459
Value: 8, Square: 64, Cube: 512, Sqrt: 2.82842712474619
Value: 9, Square: 81, Cube: 729, Sqrt: 3
Value: 10, Square: 100, Cube: 1000, Sqrt: 3.16227766016838
Value: 11, Square: 121, Cube: 1331, Sqrt: 3.3166247903554
Value: 12, Square: 144, Cube: 1728, Sqrt: 3.46410161513775
Sum of all Sqrt values: 29.2490045916973

I wrote the code to do that in 11 lines. The square and cubes are simple math statements, you just need to know how to calculate them. That's obviously part of your homework. There are equations for finding the N'th root of numbers, but you don't even have to know that fairly advanced mathmatics. The square root is a built-in function of the Math tool. (A built-in part of the system namespace.)

I've probably given you more help than your teacher wanted you to have in order to solve this.

My reply was prior to seeing your new post. OK, you know about Math.Sqrt. You didn't define the type of your Sqrt variable. The type you supplied to Sqrt does not match the type it expects. That should be fine, it should automatically convert int to the right type but this is the type of thing that can bite you in the @ss ao you need to know when you are taking the shortcut.

It IS critical you fix your Sqrt variable's type correctly, setting it to int won't cut it. Your logic is missing the variable that caclulates the sum.

Personally, I wouldn't put Console.ReadLine() inside the loop, I would put it right after writing out the sum AFTER the loop has finished.

create a program that will calculate the total of four numbers and the average. when finding the total use the += increment and find out average use ++ increment.do not simply divide by 4 and instead use variable increment. The program should ask input from keyboard for 4 numbers and should output the total and average of the number

@Mandeep_1 Don't hijack some one elses thread! Start a new thread with shows what you already have done on your homework assignment! Just posting your homework assignment won't get you any help.

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