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How to crop an image that is zoomed(zoomed in/out). Cropping works fine when the image is normal, that is not zoomed. I have used a panel whose AutoScroll property is true and a picturebox inside the panel whose sizemode property is AutoSize and BackgroundImageLayout is Tile.

Load image:

Image img = Image.FromFile("filepath");
picBoxImageProcessing.Image = img;

zoom in:

zoomFactor += 1;
 picBoxImageProcessing.Size = new  Size((img.Width * zoomFactor), (img.Height * zoomFactor));
picBoxImageProcessing.SizeMode = PictureBoxSizeMode.StretchImage;

Draw a rectangular shape on the image and then crop.

Crop(Image img, Rectangle r)

In this way when i zoom in first and then select a specific region drawing a rectangle on the zoomed image and then crop then another region is cropped rather than i have selected.
I have got many application for image processing but I couldn't solve my problem.

thanks in advance.