When i'm working on my project,many times it show the message something like this "...out of memory" so can any one help me what should i do?

Should I compress my project and make it smaller in size?

I'm just a beginner. Every comment appreciated.

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doesn't sound like a VB.Net problem, I suggest you look at your system config and what else you are running on the PC

Thanks for your suggestion but as far as i concern it is really a VB.net problem cuz i can't run my project.
This error appears while i try to compile my project then it will force me to close the IDE.
The size of my project is around 110 MB(Froms + Modules + Classes) and i got 2GB RAM in my machine that should do the job right?

type Ctrl-Alt-Del and select task manager, see what else is running and how much memory it is consuming

so what should i do after that?
please help

I recall that i have read this somewhere but i don't remember exactly where but it said "Separate in different DLL "

i really don't get it

>>"Separate in different DLL "
It seems to me that you should create DLL's from the Modules and Classes and use the DLL's to run your app from.
I have not worked with DLL's in projects, created a few samples, though I do believe that you add them as a Reference to the project.


Is there is any other idea?

Creating DLL's for such a large project can possibly be a pain in the neck, If not done from the beginning.

Another idea would be to create a bunch of smaller apps(sidekick.apps) that load up only when needed and accomplish the tasks that a current Form/Option in your project does.

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